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RECOUNT: Tell Your Experience!

  • Title: Recount: Tell your experience!
  • Level: senior high school, grade X
  • Objectives: by the end of the lesson you should be able to identify recount text and tell your own story both in spoken and written form.
Pre-listening activity:
Dear my lovely students, how are you today?
Are you ready for the lesson?
Today, we will learn about recount. Recount means telling past events for the purpose of informing or entertaining.
Talking about past events, how about your weekend? Will you tell me what you did?
Well, before you tell me about your story, our friend, Hanna, will tell us a story about her weekend.
She gave us a picture of her, here it is.
From the picture, can you guess where Hanna spent her weekend?
What can people do while spending a holiday there?
What do you bring when you go there?
What do you find there?
Have you ever been in a kind of that place?
Did you enjoy it?

Whilst-listening activity:
Direction: Listen to Hanna’s story by pressing the play button!
Post listening activity:
Students, since you’ve listen to the story, now please do the exercise below.

Now, it is your turn to tell your experience.
Direction: In this part of the activity, you will make a recount text orally about your holiday. You will be given 3 minutes to prepare then 1 minute to speak. You can arrange your story based on the following questions:
1.     Where did you go last holiday?
2.     With whom did you go?
3.     What did you do there?
4.     Did you enjoy it?
Now, please tell your story in front of the class!

1.     A grammar explanation: SIMPLE PAST TENSE
Students, you’ve listened to Hanna’s experience, you also have tried to tell your own experience orally. Now, I have a question for you. Do you know what kind of tense used in telling your experience?
Well, since what we tell is our experience, it happened in the past. So, we use simple past tense to tell it.
Now, let’s study the simple past tense.
Direction: Click on the link, download the file, extract it, and then open and study the material.
Are you ready to learn more about recount text?
Well now, read and learn the generic structure & language features of recount text:
The Generic Structure
Orientation:           introducing the participant.
Events:           describing a series of event which happened.
Re-orientation:           stating the writer’s personal note.

Language Feature    
  • Using personal participant;
  • Using temporal conjunctions;
  • Using simple past tense pattern; 

Now, read the following passages carefully.

The Exploding Tire
Last week, my friend and I came to Semarang by an economical bus. It was a kind of old machine bus. We left from Pekalongan Bus Station at about 2 pm.
The bus ran slowly which made me so impatient. Suddenly and unexpectedly, after tens of kilometres, it struck out. The tire smashed. Then the driver and the conductor got off the bus to check it. Some men also got off to help them fix the problem while the women and children stayed on the bus. It seemed so long waiting for the problem fixed. Moreover, it was a hot day and the bus even had no AC. After about half an hour, the problem had solved and the bus ran again normally.
Too bad, in another ten minutes, a loud bang heard. Oh my God, that was the tire exploded again. I didn’t know and didn’t care which tire that had exploded, was it the same tire as before or was it the other ones. All I wanted was to go as fast as I could, it was already 4.30 pm and we were still in Batang. Normally, I should have been in Semarang at that time. It was so irritating.
It seemed that the driver couldn’t fix the problem anymore. When another economical bus passed, he stopped it and asked us to get on it. Unfortunately the bus had already fulfilled with passengers, and so we had to stand on the bus during the rest of the journey. What a shame!
Finally, at about 7 pm I arrived at my boarding house. It was a tiring day and I was so tired too, so I went to bed early.

Analyzing the passages

Generic Structure Analysis
  • Orientation, introducing the participant, using first person point of view, friend and I came to Semarang.
  • Events, describing a series of event which happened, e.g. We left from Pekalongan Bus Station at about 2 pm, the bus ran slowly which made me so impatient, etc.
  • Re-orientation, stating the writer’s personal note, e.g. It was a tiring day and I was so tired too, so I went to bed early.
Language Feature Analysis
  • Using personal participant: My friend, I
  • Using chronological connectives: suddenly, then, finally
  • Using simple past tense pattern: my friend and I came, we left from Pekalongan, the bus ran slowly, etc

3.     A comprehension exercise related to the passage
Now please do the following exercise:

4.     A grammar exercise related to the passage

Now we’re going to do another exercise. Pay attention to the direction.

Direction: In recounting, we use simple past tense, right? Now, I want you to find the words that use simple present tense in the text and write the past and future tense forms of them!

5.     A vocabulary exercise related to the passage

Direction: Here I picked some words from the passage above for you. Please find the antonym of the words!
Slowly                              Impatient
Unexpectedly                  Hot
Solved                              Loud               
Same                                Fast                
Unfortunately                  Early

  • Word formation exercise

Direction: In recounting, we use simple past tense, right? Now, I want you to write down the past form of the following words:

Go            Find                 Look           Bring 
Take        Stand               Feel            Experience     
Perform   Drive               Catch          Cook 
Write       Sing                  Move          Break 
Carry       Understand      Run             Help
  • Sentence formation exercise

Direction: Arrange these jumbled words into the right order sentences. 

1.     My friends and I – several days ago – Ahmad Yani International airport – went to
2.     Public transportation – there – we – by – went
3.     First thing – in that place – we – do – just – walking around – was
4.     People – saw - we - bought – who – tickets
5.     The – gate – entered – departure
6.     Came out – just – gate – arrival – from
7.     Couldn’t – we – see – aeroplane – the – taken off – landed on – which is – or
8.     Don’t have – that – area – we – ticket – any – we – so – couldn’t – enter
9.     We – photograph – some – took – us – of – as – proof – that – as – the airport – have ever seen
10.   Returned – we – our – to – boarding house – the same – by – public transportation
  • Paragraph formation and punctuation exercise
Direction: Arrange the sentences above into a good paragraph by supplying appropriate temporal conjunctions and punctuation!
  • Writing task 
Direction: Choose one of the following topics, and then write a recount text about it.
- First day at senior high school
- Unforgettable moment with family or friends
- Horror experience



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