Sabtu, 05 Mei 2012


Just seen season five's first episode of Supernatural. Don't know why, the dialogue in the last scene is so touching. And neither I know I want to post it in my blog, even I can't entitle it.. yeah, call me weirdo, or whatever... I just have another hand push me to do this... 
And this is it, Dean and Sam...

Is there something you want to say to me?

I tried, Sammy.
I mean, I really tried.
But I just can't keep pretending
that everything's all right.
Because it's not.
And it's never going to be.
You chose a demon over your own brother,
And look what happened.

I would give anything -- anything --
To take it all back.

I know you would.
And I know how sorry you are. I do.
But, man...
You were the one that I depended on the most.
And you let me down in ways that I can't even...
I'm just --
I'm having a hard time forgiving and forgetting here.
You know?

What can I do?

I just don't...
I don't think that we can ever be what we were.
You know?
I just don't think I can trust you.


onli_child mengatakan...

akakakak..supernatural addicted

daffodil mengatakan...

wkwkwkwk, masbro,,, mana season 6 nya??

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