Minggu, 31 Juli 2011

The Exploding Tire (Part 2)

Melanjutkan postingan saya beberapa bulan silam yang berjudul The Exploding Tire, di mana saya belum me-nongol-kan recount text saya demi kepentingan kuliah.

Nah, sodara-sodari yang sedarah maupun tidak sedarah, berhubung kuliah semester ini udah khatam dan saya dapet IP bagus dan nilai Writing saya juga lumayan (tepuk tangan dong...!), dan berhubung saya lagi kumat baik, saya bermaksud untuk me-nongol-kan tugas (yang saya kerjakan dengan sepenuh hati) tersebut di blog saya tercinta ini.
Nah, ini dia...

Recount Text
The Exploding Tire

Last week, my friend and I came to Semarang by an economical bus. It was a kind of old machine bus. We left from Pekalongan Bus Station at about 2 pm.
The bus ran slowly which made me so impatient. Suddenly and unexpectedly, after tens of kilometres, it struck out. The tire smashed. Then the driver and the conductor got off the bus to check it. Some men also got off to help them fix the problem while the women and children stayed on the bus. It seemed so long waiting for the problem fixed. Moreover, it was a hot day and the bus even had no AC. After about half an hour, the problem had solved and the bus ran again normally.
Too bad, in another ten minutes, a loud bang heard. Oh my God, that was the tire exploded again. I didn’t know and didn’t care which tire that had exploded, was it the same tire as before or was it the other ones. All I wanted was to go as fast as I could, it was already 4.30 pm and we were still in Batang. Normally, I should have been in Semarang at that time. It was so irritating.
It seemed that the driver couldn’t fix the problem anymore. When another economical bus passed, he stopped it and asked us to get on it. Unfortunately the bus had already fulfilled with passengers, and so we had to stand on the bus during the rest of the journey. What a shame!
Finally, at about 7 pm I arrived at my boarding house. It was a tiring day and I was so tired too, so I went to bed early.

Bagaimana??? tragis sekali kan ceritanya???
Biarlah, di balik Nurrohmah pasti ada Nur Hidayah. Eh, salah, itu mah nama bulek saya. Maksud saya di balik musibah pasti ada hikmah.
Ya sudah sodarah-sodarah, semoga postingan kali ini bermanfaat. +_+



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