Kamis, 27 Januari 2011

Postingan Sangat Telat Sekali

Wow! So many thing i want to tell you about, i want to share. But, you know that i don’t have many time to do that. Fortunately, tonight, i don’t have a good mood to do any kind of assignment. All i want to do is just share my recent life, haha, is that rather extravagant? Whatever!
Let’s begin from Tuesday, October 12th  2010 when i bought you, my new netbook, Samsung Corby N150 Plus, a glow yellow colored netbook. Actually i don’t like yellow, i intended to buy the red one, but unfortunately that was a non os one, and so i preferred the yellow one. But now, I do not regret my decision because it run well and satisfying.
Furthermore, this netbook is really cute. The color is glow yellow in the outside and milky white inside. The shape is minimalist, it also has a light weight, only 1,2 kg.
Moreover it seemed to come to me in a right time. Before I bought it, there are no assignment that must be done by typing, the assignments come to me after I had this cute netbook. That was a miracle, isn’t it?
The assignments are writing, statistics, speaking.

On Sunday, October 17th 2010 when my friends, Ela, Rita, and Dian went downtown, my roommate and I went to Java mall. I planned to buy a headphone. That was so crowded there.

Tuesday, 19th 2010 my friends and I delivered a presentation about methods of presenting data on the Statistics class. I was so nervous, but thanks God, everything was alright, the lecturer left the class earlier because he had another program so we could finish the presentation just a minute after he came out, haha. And we discussed in Indonesian, haha again.
Oh yeah, I just think: why don’t I called my new netbook “daffodil”. Daffodil is my facebook name (Dafi K. Daffodil) and also it has yellow color just like the color of my netbook. Actually when I bought it, I just thought that I was so UNNES, because UNNES coat has yellow color too. But finally I realized that it’s not just so UNNES but also so me! So Daffodil! I don’t know how or or why a girl who didn’t like yellow in contrary seemed to be related to anything that has a relation with that color; UNNES, Daffodil, and last but not least, my netbook. Maybe it’s accidental but maybe it’s a destiny, who knows? 
Wednesday, 20th 2010 at 7 am we attended listening class, we were given a sudden mid term test. I did my best, hope I’ll get the best mark. At 9 am we attended the next class: phonetic. We also given a sudden test, but it’s a pop quiz one. I got the best mark in my class (I was so happy, and still I am) and so my recording cassette was played in the class and commented by a few of my friends. The two other cassettes were also played; they were Uvi’s and Nindita’s. from that three cassettes I got the second good position after Uvi’s. but arrogantly I thought that mine is better. I also asked to comment Nindita’s recording, and surprisely I could speak smoothly without thinking what would I talked. That was really surprised me. I became optimistic that I could speak that smooth, moreover smoother. I got the spirit to be better.
Tonight, I went to campus to give score to the participant of English Wall Magz Competition held by FRESH. The magz were so creative!
An now on, I’m typing word by word enthusiastically. Yeah, I have a beautiful life! Just be happy and sure that I can do the best in my life.


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