Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010

I Don’t Love You, I Just..

It’s not about us, Darling
It’s just about you and me

Not about love between us
Because there is no love
There is nothing
But it’s so precious

It’s just how i feel happy when you’re around me
It’s just how i want to smile when you smile, even that is not for me
Even thatt is for another girl

It  just like what they said,
when you felt something tickled your heart when you saw him
it’s what i feel when I see you

I don’t know how I can feel it, feel this happiness

Even you don’t know me
Even i’m nothing for you
It doesn’t matter
Because I don’t love you
Because I don’t want you to know
Because it’s much enough for me
To know you
To see you around
Without you realize it


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